Christopher Füllemann, Manon Wertenbroek, Julian Zigerli


17.01. - 20.01.2018

Opening - 17.01.2018, 5 - 9 pm

The exhibition THREESOME is an interdisciplinary multimedia collaboration between Swiss artists Manon Wertenbroek, Christopher Füllemann and designer Julian Zigerli. A creative threesome: art meets fashion, photography meets installation and sculpture meets performance. This is what happens when Manon, Christopher and Julian join forces to try and create a common ‚thing‘, titled THREESOME. If broken down, this ‚thing‘ can be described as a performative installation with bits of fashion. However, breaking it down does not do justice to the result. Anyone who is a bit knowledgable feels impudent when fashion tries to be „artistic“, and art tries to be „fashionable“. „This has never succeeded apart from big marketing campaigns“ or „a designer has to also be an artist to create artistic fashion“ and vice versa.

On the other hand, anyone who is slightly knowledgeable demands the democratization of both art and fashion, and that the two of them are no longer being separated regardless. Well, it is at least worth an attempt to engage with a project, impartially for once, to just realise that it does not matter whether you are knowledgeable or not. THREESOME is already quite accessible, everyone knows what it is about and yet it is not exactly easy to get oneself into a THREESOME.

The dissolution of separation, the product of work on an equal footing and the pleasure in the process, is what we see here: Democratic art that lives from the moment, performance that belongs to everyone who is fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time and objects, which are not only visible, but also wearable.

Art that does not only hang on a wall, out of reach, but can also be touched and taken home. Participation that is driven to the extreme, so to say.

Art is dead. That was already known by the Dadaists, long live art, yes well what then? One hundred years later this conflict seems more relevant than ever: does art get lost on Instagram and Co, or is it only really revived by those platforms? Are galleries, museums and ancient collections dying institutions of the past? Does creativity today take place online? Do the walls stay white because we are overwhelmed by the constant flood of images? A daring thesis: No! However, what has to happen is an approximation of different disciplines, breaking up old borders and learning of new possibilities.

Let‘s start with it now, and if necessary, even in a threesome.

Text by Tobias Langley-Hunt
All photos: Manon Wertenbroek